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Foreword From The Book of Diversions:

The pieces contained herein were devised to
remedy the apparent lack of light parlor music
for the keyboard instruments.
The melodies and harmonies are crafted in a manner
which I believe will be pleasing to children,
as well as those of us with a more "refined palate."
The diversions are constructed at a difficulty level that will
provide both amateurs and technically gifted players
with a fun and rewarding
music making experience.
They can be performed at parties,
no matter how mangled the rendition,
to the delight of all in attendance.
The lack of dynamic markings is wholly intentional:
It is my intention that performers share
a small bit of the composition process with me.
As such, modification and ornamentation of the
musical material, and wild improvisatory
flights of fancy are highly encouraged.
These are musical toys:
Play with them as you wish.

In keeping with the amateur-friendly aesthetic of the collection, I opted to play the second and third pieces of the collection myself.  The recording is intentionally low-fi, and any mistakes I made have been left in.  A special thanks goes to my friend Tony Aldrich for providing his laptop and running garage band for me.  Tony is also an excellent composer whose work can be accessed here.  I highly recommend his Trio for Piano, Clarinet, and Flute.