After is among my most personal and grotesque compositions.  It was written in February-March of 2014 as a way for me to deal with several years of depressions and other upsets.  It expresses the cycle of emotions that one goes through in the wake of great trauma beyond one's control.  The mood markings listed at various points in the score are as follows:  desolate, howling; volatile, abrupt; mournful; with overwhelming anxiety; dejected; wrathful; fragile; with impotent rage; with great resolve; and finally, resigned.  It is my intention that this work serve as catharsis for all of your personal "afters".

After represents book one in a trilogy of thematically linked compositions for string orchestra.  The recently completed second volume, Within, was inspired by my conversations with Bradley Boyd; it concerns the hell that we make for ourselves when we harm others.  Volume three, Abomination, is about the rage that boils up when we confront a situation of incomprehensible evil, and ultimately triumph over that evil.  It is due for completion in the spring of 2016.

Premiered Dec. 2, 2014.  On this recording, only one instrument is used per part.
Lydi Pakala (Violin I), Liz Anderson (Violin II),
Jotham Polashek (Viola I) Nichelle Probst (Viola II)
Jonathan Haverdink (Cello I) Christian Fosselman (Cello II)
Joe Mnayer (Double Bass)
Conducted by Bradley Boyd